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The Professional Internship class is looking for junior or senior students who are interested in gaining college course credit and 10 addition high school credits this semester.

Presently, we are partnering with Santiago Canyon College to provide a more robust classroom experience. Students that enroll in the Professional Internship class will also be enrolled at SCC and gain credit for Counseling 101. Students will gain an advantage by completing this college course early and obtain valuable information that will help them make informed decisions in regard to their college education and future career. Our goal is to add 20 new students by the end of this month. Students who are interested in joining should come to room 403 during lunch or after school.

Instruction will combine standards-based classroom instruction with extended onsite industry experience. Students will learn all aspects of Professionalism, and apply 21st Century Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Problem Solving in a real world setting. Interested students can prepare to take the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certifications.

Counseling 101 (Dual enrollment opportunity w/ Professional Internship)

Counseling 101: Educational, Personal, Cultural & Career Exploration (3 units)

This course meets the general education requirement for the Associates Degree (Area F1) and CSU general education certification (Area E1).

Recommended for students planning to complete an associate degree, and/or to transfer to a university. CSU/UC

Please contact Mr. Warrior if you are interested in more information.



EMHS Pathway Posts

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Learn the 4 Skills and 4 Steps to a Successful Career in this video

4 Skills and 4 Steps to a Successful Career

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There are many happenings with the students in the CTE Pathways

Here are some of our 2016-2017 Activities


The Culinary Pathway students are earning their workplace readiness certificates. Here we see Chef DeLeo presenting the certificates to the students who have earned the certificates that will help them to gain employment by recognizing their skills in Attitude, Communications, Critical Thinking, Social Skills, Media, Teamwork, Planning & Oraganization, and Professionalism.

Arts, Media, & Entertainment

The AME pathway gains valuable support with the new English 10 class – “Get Reel, English Through Your Lens”. In this UC Curriculum Integration class students are challenged to intensively analyze text, visual media, informational writing and fiction and develop and produce powerful messages using digital media, oral presentations and written work.

We welcome Mr. Terry Cross as our new instructor in Career Focus AME, Graphic Design, Web Development, and as Co-Advisor to Yearbook and EMTV. Mr. Cross brings a combination of current industry and teaching experience to our students. The students are printing on the large format printer and planning to print on t-shirts.

The Digital Photography Pathway added $20,000 of new equipment to create the Digital Photo II class which focuses on portraiture. The PTSA Reflections Grand Prize winner is Justin Lopez from the Art of Digital Photography class. January 28th two students competed at the SkillsUSA Region 6 conference held at San Bernadino Valley College.

Health Science and Medical Technology

The pathway is complimented this school year with the beginning course from Biomedical Science Project Lead the Way, Principles of Biomedical Science.

Patient Care Pathway
is using new technology for the Medical Core classes. The students are very hands-on as they explore the real-world equipment.

The Sports Medicine Pathway welcomed Ms. Irene Clarkson who teaches Career Focus, Sports Medicine I and II. In Sports Medicine II, the students are working on the athletic fields with our athletes to keep them healthy.

Business Management

The new Technology Certification class will provide the opportunity for our students to receive their Microsoft Office Specialist certificate. The students will take the MOS exam for free once they complete each program of the Microsoft training – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Education and Child Development

Real world experience is nothing new to this pathway. Our students are going to Esplanade and Prospect Elementary schools to work with the elementary students and teach classes through the STEM Teach-Science class. Educators Rising helped with the OUSD College & Career Night.

Students and Parents came together on June 6 to celebrate Education Pathway's Professional Internship Completion. Students were recognized with certificates and stipend checks for $300. Thanks to our partner Project Tomorrow!


Mr. Bowie has students using 3-D Computer Aided Design and creating items on the

3-D Printer. Their mobile desks are helping students to collaborate. The students attended a field trip for Manufacturing Day to hear from today’s manufacturers about the common concerns and challenges and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the industry. They just returned from Pasadena were they were invited to present at the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society.

Second Annual Robot Build-a-Thon

The award-winning OUSD Clockwork Oranges Robotics Team is holding a 48-hour Build-a-thon!
We will work from 8:00am to 8:00pm PST each day from Friday through Monday.
You can watch our team as we work by tuning in to our live-stream broadcast at:
www.frc4322.com/live or stop by the lab in the 800 building if you’re curious about what we’re up to.

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Chef DeLeo has the students preparing wonderful recipes – their measurement skills are developing and they enjoy eating their creations. Looking to plan to have the Chili Cook off and Pasta Competition like last year.

Information and Communications Technology

This pathway continues to grow with the addition of the AP Computer Science Principles class. The students are developing mobile apps and learning the technology behind drones. The Robotics students will be preparing for competition. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/robotics-742605-bowie-oranges.html

The CTP program continues bring in industry experts to work with the students and enjoy Mentor Meals.

Public Safety

The Criminal Justice students at EMHS traveled to the Superior Court in Santa Ana to get experience in how the courts work. They were able to sit in on Civil and Criminal cases being tried, and speak with Judges and lawyers and identify other careers opportunities in the Court system.


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