Recommended Books

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Grendel’s Guide to Love and War by Kaplan

This was a quirky fun debut novel. Tom Grendel is spending his summer break mowing lawns to save money for his college fund and interviewing old ladies so he can collect their stories before they are lost forever. Tom and his Dad live in a neighbourhood mostly populated by old ladies, which suits his Dad, an army major suffering for PTSD, just fine. When a new family moves in next door following a marriage breakup and the mother, a journalist is sent interstate to cover a disaster, the teenagers Rex and Willow are left alone which Rex sees as the perfect opportunity to throw a party all night every night. Tom's Dad rapidly takes off for Florida leaving Tom to wage war on his neighbours with the assistance of his best friend Ed Park and occasional help from Willow, on whom he has a crush. Rex's older, wilier cousin Wolf comes to his aid and eventually Tom's sister Zip arrives to lend a hand and mayhem ensues as they plan various pranks to close down the never-ending party.

Thieving Weasels by Billy Taylor

Cameron Smith attends an elite boarding school and has just been accepted to Princeton University alongside his beautiful girlfriend, Claire. Life for Cameron would be perfect, except that Cameron Smith is actually Skip O'Rourke, and Skip O'Rourke ran away from his grifter family four years ago...along with $100,000 of their “earnings” (because starting a new life is not cheap). But when his uncle Wonderful tracks him down, Skip's given an ultimatum: come back to the family for one last con, or say good-bye to life as Cameron. 

This is the Part Where You Laugh by Hoffmeister

Travis never gives up.
Not when his mom takes off.
Not when he gets suspended from basketball.
Not when he cracks four ribs jumping off a bridge to impress a girl.
Not when he and his best friend Creature get into trouble deeper than they know how to handle.

Front Lines by Michael Grant.

(He gave us the Gone series)

It’s 1942 and America has just entered World War II. As a result of a court decision, women are eligible to be drafted and to join the military, giving the U.S. its best chance of beating the Axis powers.Three outgoing young women join up, unaware of just how much their lives would change on the front lines: Rio Richlin, a farm girl from California; Frangie Marr, a girl who’s just trying to provide for her family; and Rainy Schulterman, a Jewish girl who wants to kill Nazis. Through their training and their military assignments, the ladies find out exactly what they’re made of and prove that they’re just as valuable in the war as the men.

LEGEND.  This will be a movie, but we have the book!
For Fantasy fans--this one is new in the library and it is a good one.
Mrs. Thompson and Elmo readers have liked this--