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EMHS Class of 2020 - End of Year Update
Jonathan Pongco

Principal Katevas updates the Class of 2020 on End of Year Activities.

OUSD Class of 2020 End of Year Activities Update

El Modena and The Orange Unified School District fully understand that senior year is a milestone in the educational journey of our students. The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately inhibited us from continuing with many of these rites of passages for our Class of 2020 Seniors. However, we are fully committed to implementing alternative means for some of these special senior activities. Below is the current information to date:


It is our sincere hope to hold graduation at Fred Kelly Stadium as scheduled on June 11th. If we are unable to celebrate graduation traditionally due to continued social distancing guidelines, the following contingency plan will be facilitated:

  1. A live streamed virtual ceremony with traditional commencement speeches and presentation of the Class of 2020, followed by a unique drive-thru diploma pickup at each high school.
  2. In addition, we are committed to hosting a traditional ceremony on July 22nd  and July 23rd  at Fred Kelly Stadium, which is dependent on the lifting of the social distancing mandates.
  3. Traditional ceremonies at Fred Kelly Stadium on June 11th with only students and staff in attendance, with live streaming on the internet for public viewing. This option will be considered only if social distancing measures are augmented to where we can safely accommodate our students.


Proms at all our high schools have been cancelled due to social distancing mandates. If there is a lifting of the social distancing guidelines that allow large groups of students to be in one place, we are committed to holding an on-campus dance in honor of the graduating class. El Modena, as well as all of the other high schools, are committed to holding such an event through the end of July.


Grad Night is not an official OUSD event and it will be up to each school’s Grad Night Committee to decide if this event can continue if the social distancing guidelines are lifted. However, I am proud to work with them in whatever they are able to do for the Class of 2020.


Senior Breakfast and senior trips to Disneyland or Magic Mountain have been cancelled. If the social distancing guidelines are lifted, we are committed to having a pancake breakfast at El Modena or an OUSD Class of 2020 Breakfast at the district office.


We will schedule a date to distribute these items to the Class of 2020. It will either be done in a fashion where we can safely provide a social distancing protocol or a drive-thru pick up process.

Please know that the entire Vanguard Nation as well as the Orange USD family is heartbroken that we may be unable to celebrate our amazing Class of 2020 in the traditional OUSD manner. We know that our seniors will only be stronger because of the challenges and disappointments that they may experience. We know this because we have personally witnessed them develop into young adults that exhibit resiliency, integrity, compassion and respect in everything they say and do. OUSD wants to proudly recognize the entire Class of 2020 as the class that turned adversity into character. 


I will continue to provide you updates as we know that the situation is incredibly fluid and we will be able to solidify our plans as we get closer to these dates. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,



Jill Katevas, Principal