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Community Service Liaisons

Ms. Kelli Sjule

Career Guidance Technician


phone: 628 - 5340 Ext 3734


Community Service Volunteer Forms and Information
Community Service Verification Form Community Service Resource Guide


To receive credit for participating in the OUSD Community Service Program at graduation students must read full instructions on the Community Service Guidelines page within the Community Service Verification Form. The following steps only entail the process of submitting hours:

1. Submit the completed Community Service Permission Form & Community Service Guidelines found in the Community Service Verification Form on this page to be able to start recording hours with the school.

2. Non-profit organizations must either be from the pre-approved list of agencies found in the Community Service Resource Handbook, or students must receive school approval to earn credit from an organization not listed BEFORE submitting hours.

3. For each non-profit a student performs approved community service they must attach a business card of the volunteer program supervisor to the first completed Community Service Verification Form they submit for their first day of work.

4. For each subsequent day of community service a completed Community Service Verification Form must be submitted.

5. All Community Service Verification Forms MUST have the signature of the program supervisor, hours worked in the supervisor’s handwriting, and all other sections completed.

6. All completed forms must be submitted to the Career Guidance Technician at or can be delivered in person to Ms. Sjule in the library between 7:45-2:00pm on school days. Any forms submitted by email must have clear and legible information to be accepted.


NOTE: It’s recommended to select an organization from the Community Service Resource Handbook as seeking school approval requires research, and a process of authorizations. However, if you can wait a week for this process to be carried out you are welcome to seek school approval. For more information on what organizations commonly do not meet the requirements of the program consult the Community Service Guidelines.

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