AP Art History

AP Art History
Instructor Information

Mr. Brian Beaman

Email: bbeaman@orangeusd.org

Textbook Information

Gardner's:  Art Through the Ages: 15th Edition (Can be checked out through the library)

Suggested but not required:

The Annotated Mona Lisa  (Can be found online or most book stores)  This is like a Spark Notes book for the    class.

Course Description The art history course offers a survey of Western art from the beginning of civilization to the present time, including the most modern trends and ideas in the ever-changing world of art. Although there is an effort to involve students with images and ideas that lie outside the Western tradition, the larger context in which these images are discussed is Western.  The course explores and discusses the proper historical techniques and procedures with an emphasis on the unique position and role played by the artist and the work of art, its context, and the critic. Special attention is given to our interpretation of a work of art based upon its intended use, audience, and role in a particular society. As a survey course, the material is approached as an introduction to the discipline. Three goals of the course are to encourage the student to pursue further study in college, prepare students for the AP Art History exam, as well as become well versed in the visual language of art.
Summer Information Familiarize yourself with the Elements and Principles of art as well as basic art terms pertaining to sculpture, architecture, painting and photography
Workload - recommended skills/courses to take for the class Flash cards and review sheets will be made for each of the 250 required images.  Organization for this aspect of the class is Key.  A 2" 3 ring binder will be necessary for notes and review sheets
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