AP Spanish Literature and Culture

AP Spanish Literature and Culture
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Reflexiones: Introducción a la literature hispánica, AP Edition

Course Description The AP Spanish Literature and Culture course uses a thematic approach to introduce students to representative texts (short stories, novels, poetry, and essays) from Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and United States Hispanic literature. Students develop proficiencies across the full range of communication modes (interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive), thereby honing their critical reading and analytical writing skills. Literature is examined within the context of its time and place, as students reflect on the many voices and cultures present in the required readings. The course also includes a strong focus on cultural connections and comparisons, including exploration of various media (e.g., art, film, articles, literary criticism).
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The summer assignment is three parts:

  • Terminos Literarios to study
  • Exercise in author's Point of View
  • Reading about current events in Spanish-speaking communities

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Workload - recommended skills/courses to take for the class Prerequisite Course: AP Spanish Language and Culture
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