Congratulations to Nicole Reyes Mata for being named El Modena's 2019 AVID Senior Standout!

Nicole's positive contributions to our AVID program, and the school as a whole, earned her a $2,000 scholarship from Dollars for Scholars at OC AVID's scholarship presentation on April 24th at UCI's Barclay Theater. 


AVID Google Field Trip 

By Matt Cortez (AVID 12)

On Thursday, February 7th, 2019, the AVID senior class took a field trip to Google headquarters in Irvine. Upon arrival, students were greeted by Google employees who would later be their tour guides. The class divided into three groups and each went to a different part of the building to explore. After they were given their name tags, then the fun begun.

  “At first I didn’t think much of the buildings from the outside if i’m being honest, but once I got inside and going it was pretty surprising. There were different themed rooms inside every door and each one had a different vibe. It was pretty sweet,” states senior Matthew Cortez on what he thought when he first walked in the building. Inside the headquarters,students toured each floor that had different themed rooms, which promoted different cultures and styles of art work on the walls. Senior Germayn Gomez said his favorite room was “the break room on floor two because it had pictures of beach art work on the ceiling and because of the hidden room that our guide showed us.” The headquarters also had a indoor gym where employees can work out before or after work, alongside their very own kitchen with an on-duty chef preparing fresh meals daily.

  At the end of the tour, each group would meet on the balcony of the headquarters to listen to Anthony D. Mays give a speech about where he came from and how he made it to Google even with his struggle. “The speech really motivated me because it showed us that it doesn’t really matter where we come from or where we start, but how we finish that can define our careers,” said senior Natalia Sarinana on how the speech made her feel.

   A huge thank you to Google headquarters Irvine for hosting El Modena’s AVID senior class, and hopefully more classes may visit the HQ in the near future.

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10.29.18: El Modena Alum, Stephanie Parker, visits Avid students in Coach Davidson's class to speak about Hope International University and her high school experience.