UCCI English

UCCI English - CTE Pathway for Digital Media Arts Grades 10-12 Honors
Instructor Information

Kristin Lamphier

Email: klamphier@orangeusd.org

Textbook Information

Gardner's:  Art Through the Ages: 15th Edition (Can be checked out through the library)

Suggested but not required:

The Annotated Mona Lisa  (Can be found online or most book stores)  This is like a Spark Notes book for the    class.

Grade 10 Honors - OVERVIEW

Get Reel: English Through Your Lens” challenges 10th grade students through the intensive analysis of text, including media, informational writing, and fiction. Students develop the abilities and skills to effectively produce powerful video messages, oral presentations, and writing to critically examine and deconstruct ideological and social influences and understand how these influences impact both individual and group identity. Students in this engaging 10th grade English class learn to recognize themselves as both products and members of society as they study and create a variety of text, including narrative and analytical writing, constructed argument, visual mapping, multimedia, and video messages. They understand that language is a powerful medium when read, written, spoken, and performed with purpose. While students explore the universal themes of identity, power, and freedom, with extensive focus on the novel, poetry, informational text, and film, they acquire important technical skills needed to use digital media tools for filming and editing. They gain the necessary abilities for digital media production, while participating in a rigorous, integrated creative English and media course that provides real-world connections through extensive career and technical content.

- UC Curriculum Integration

Grade 11 Honors - OVERVIEW Communication by Design integrates English with Visual Design and Media Arts by giving students the ability to communicate to different audiences in a variety of text formats as it applies to analog media, digital media, and real-world digital representations. Through repeated assignments and strategies, students develop and reinforce academic and industry-related foundational concepts and skills such as website construction, document specific formatting, career connections, analytical and informative writing and collaboration. Using effective speaking and listening skills, students convey a variety of messages both informative and persuasive, demonstrate mastery of visual representation of information, and conduct interviews with community and industry professionals as well as prepare for career based interviews. Analytical essays incorporate rhetorical strategies to develop persuasive/arguments and claims in both written and visual representations. Students deliver clear, organized presentation specific to the concept of each unit and leading to the Culminating Project at the end of the year. Students end the course with a choice of projects which expand on the performance task of one of the units. They begin with the basic product of the unit performance task; increase its sophistication, depth, and professionalism.
Grade 12 Honors - OVERVIEW

"The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself but, the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you into eternity." - Marcus Garvey

Depth of Field: Exploring Identity Through Literature and Video Production challenges students to examine and express themselves as individuals and as active participants in a democratic society. Beginning with analyzing their preconceived notions of self, they will use this same critical lens on other figures in fiction and nonfiction in order to shed light on how different writers and artists negotiate individual and group identity. As they develop their critical analytic skills, they will also mature as artists by creating a series of real-world video projects in response to the topics and readings of the course. By the end of the year, each student will have an individual portfolio of representative work and will have worked on a collaborative documentary video project.


Ms. Lamphier's Classroom Management Plan 2018