Mountain Bike Club


The El Modena Mountain Bike Team was created in 2017. Welcoming all students at any skill level, this club will strengthen teamwork, fitness, strength, and ultimately your skills on a mountain bike. We train alongside other teams, but compete under the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) specifically the SoCal Cycling League division. 

Despite the competitive nature, wide smiles and joyful jokes are common during weekly practices. Even outside organized team practices and events many teammates spend time together within and outside of school. Friendship and comradery create strong bonds throughout the team.

Our amazing coaches assist and support student athletes by taking up the jobs of organizing, leading, and ensuring safety throughout the training and racing season. Coaches also assist riders in training their physical condition and honing their skills. Much dedication and care is given by incredible coaches who help the team get faster, stronger, and find academic success all while having fun.

Sponsors are also vital to the team. Mainly bicycle companies of one type or another, sponsors contribute donations of products, discounts, and more. Their generosity allows the student athletes to focus solely on mountain biking. 

All aforementioned elements work in conjunction allowing for fun, focused, and safe mountain bike riding to proudly bear the Vanguard name.


How to Follow Elmo MTB:

Instagram - @elmo_mtb  - @socalleague - @nationalmtb

Socal Cycling League Website:


How to Join:

Anybody is welcome to join Elmo MTB. Being a club, there are no tryouts and practices making it accessible for multi-sport athletes. Athletes join together three times a week with coach led practices but are not required to race. Participating in races is encouraged!

*To join, the best way is to make contact with a coach or captain via email:

Each athlete provides their own equipment (bike, helmet, etc). Contact coaches if you need help fulfilling these needs (coaches always do their best to help but are not required to provide equipment). Also, athletes who choose to race are required to pay for their own race fees (check SoCal League for more information).

Donny Ambrose (Head Coach): 949-421-9838


MTB Club

Faculty Advisor:

Mrs. Sutherland