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Faculty Advisor: Vicki Mull

EMTV Productions 2018-19

EMTV Final Broadcast 6.10.19

EMTV Broadcast 6.5.19

EMTV Broadcast 5.28.19

EMTV SantanaCast 5.20.19

EMTV "WatsonsCast" 5.13.19

EMTV "CoffeeCast" 5.6.19

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EMTV Broadcast 4.22.19


EMTV Broadcast 4.8.19

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Spirit Week Broadcast 3.11.19

EMTV Broadcast 3.5.19

Sunshine Anti-Drug PSA

Check out our EMTV-produced Anti-Drug PSA, "Sunshine," a journey of a mother's heartbreak as she loses her daughter to drug addiction.  It's been nominated at the Orange County Film Festival and competing at state level for the Elks Lodge Anti-Drug PSA.


EMTV Fall Sports Promo 2018-19

EMTV Broadcast: 2.12.19

EMTV Broadcast 2.4.19

EMTV Broadcast 1.28.19

EMTV Broadcast 1.22.19

EMTV Broadcast 1.14.19

EMTV Episode 1 - 2018-19

Fall Sports 2018 Promo

Fall Sports 2018

EMTV Broadcast 11.26.18



Thankful Broadcast 2018


EMTV Thanksgiving 2018 Broadcast


EMTV Broadcast 11.5.18


EMTV Halloween 2018 Broadcast

EMTV Haloween Broadcast 2018


EMTV Broadcast 10.15.18

EMTV Broadcast 10.15.18


EMTV Broadcast 10.8.18

EMTV Broadcast 10.8.18


EMHS Africa Trip Promo 9.24.18



EMTV Video Archive 2017-18

2017 - Just Say No - Elks Best Anti-Drug PSA

Full Video Download

The EMTV "Just Say No" video has won BEST VIDEO in the High School Division Nationally. It was announced at the Elks National Convention and shown to an audience of 5,000 attendees.

Congrats to everyone involved, again. There is also a monetary prize. Our state drug awareness chairs want to do a presentation at some point after school gets back. Their video was also nominated for best PSA at the Orange County Film Festival. The following students were involved in the creation of the video:

  • Revelstoke Sanz
  • Kimi Engelbrecht
  • Jeffrey Gremling
  • Donavyn Suffel
  • Britney Lee
  • Monique Azpeteia
  • Jocelyne Blanco
  • Nareg Donabedian
  • Lloyd Graham
  • Luis Arreguin
  • Donavyn Suffel
  • Xavier Williams
  • Keegan Lamb
  • Markus Albihn
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Kailey Bereczky
  • Lead Actor: Revelstoke Sanz
  • Advisor: Vicki Mull

Homecoming 2017 Promo

Red Ribbon Week 2017 Promo

EMTV Episode 1 2017-18

Winter Formal Promo 2018

EMTV Episode 3 - Feb 2018

Winter Sports Broadcast 2017-18

Blood Drive Promo Spring 2018

EMTV Episode 4 March 2018

2018 48-Hr Film Festival - Poker Confessionals

Zombie Prom Spring Musical Promo

Dancing with the Teachers 2018 Promo

Grad Nite 2018 Promo

Yearbook Promo 2018

Vanguard Voice Broadcast 5.7.18

Vanguard Voice Broadcast 5.14.18

Vanguard Voice Broadcast 5.21.18

Vanguard Voice Broadcast 6.14.18

EMTV Video Archive 2016-17

2016 24-Hour Challenge - Something to Believe In

24-hour Music Video Challenge "Something to Believe In" - Young the Giant - Orange County Film Festival Award Nominee (Dec. 2016)