Track and Field

El Modena Track and Field 2022

Hello Vanguards! Welcome to the 2022 Track and Field Season, we are extremely excited to have you be part of an illustrious tradition at El Modena High School.

Season Dates: January 10th - First Practice, February 19th- First Meet/Competition Season (Season Schedule on back of flyer)

Practice Times: Tentatively 3PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday at Fred Kelly Stadium (El Modena track). We as a staff are aware of your busy schedules but to be successful as you are capable of, please be on time to practice. The sooner we start, the sooner we all go home. If we are to be a cohesive team, everybody regardless of ability, events or seniority needs to be pulling together and that requires us to train as a unified group. (If you cannot attend practice for any reason, please notify the staff (this is a class) that way we can ensure you do not miss out on anything important, the earlier the notification, the better.)

Stadium Protocols: While at practice please bring ample water as this is crucial for your health and safety. NO food, gum, sunscreen, lotion, sports drinks or anything that can damage the facility are allowed on the track and field surface. Those items need to stay in the bleachers.

Meets/Competition: All athletes will be required to attend and participate in all league meets, these meets are primarily on Thursdays (Villa Park, Foothill, El Dorado). Invitational meets, athletes must have marks that allow them to be entered, coaches will notify athletes that are eligible, these meets are primarily on Saturdays. Cool part of this sport is that everybody gets to play and nobody sits. League Meets, please stay the length of the meet regardless of whether you are finished with your events, being on a team means being a good teammate, supporting your fellow athletes!

Physicals: No Physical=No Practice= Please do this as soon as you are able

Important: eat well, sleep well, hydrate well, these are crucial for your health and safety!

Parent Volunteers: For the home meets if any parents are available (we know this is difficult) to be able to assist with events please let us know, this is a huge help and it can be really fun. No previous experience necessary, training provided the day of meets!

Email Contact: Coach Sam Juliano-

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Go Vanguards!