Vanguard Dance Company

Vanguard Dance Company


Vanguard Dance Company

Amya Barczyszyn*, Andrea Bernabei, Clara Bour*, Emily Brewington, Danna Coria, Keiana DeGrave, Madison Doan, Emma Haas, Alyson Halbreich, Isabella Hernandez*, Kayla Hernandez, Ruby Hewitt*, Emma Hoffmann, Colin Mai,  Allison Martinez, Katelyn Martinez, Kate Mayer*, Nhat Le Monant-Schwarz, Alexis Tran 

*Assistant Directors

The Vanguard Dance Company is a close knit group of dancers training in a fast paced environment.  Dancers work on improving technical skill and developing artistry. As a company, we perform in school assemblies, rallys, halftime shows and participate in local competitions. Other highlights include learning works from guest choreographers and performing in invitational hosted by fellow high schools. Vanguard All Male (VAM) is a small group of gentlemen who specialize in Hip Hop and create choreography. They further their skills by training in various dance styles such as; ballet, jazz, and modern. Like the Vanguard Dance Company, VAM performs in assemblies, concerts, and competitions. 

Dance Department Director: Claire Zabaneh


Upcoming Events

  • Etoile December 1st and 2nd