Tour the Center


Garden Clubs are encouraged to come and view the tremendous variety of California Native Plants.  Other groups of adults are also welcome and we are wheelchair accessible.

For people interested in using California Native Plants in their home garden they are welcome during our opening hours for the public or by making arrangements with the director.  Not only can you view the plants but also information is available in the form of information sheets, books and pictures of plants that are not blooming at the time of visitation.  Questions will be answered.


Elementary tours are conducted by appointment.  The tours are led by high school students serving as docents. One high school student is responsible for 1-2 elementary students.  Elementary students are given lessons conforming to the state standards and they complete the lessons with the help of the high school student.  The teachers are given a bag with leaves, flowers, pine cones, etc. to take back for follow up lessons.  Thank you letters to the docents are encouraged as a writing lesson.  Through high school docents, the elementary students have an opportunity to have a personal guide and have fun with an older student.  The high school docents learn teaching skills and communication skills in addition to the information they teach.

The tours are free for students in the Orange Unified School District.  For students outside the Orange Unified School District the charge is $1.00 per student.  Due to the docents being high school students, tours are held in the morning and are 50 minutes long.  If the tour is right before lunch, sack lunches are permitted for a picnic after the tour.