Incoming 9th Grade Summer School

Incoming Freshmen 2021

Online Health Registration

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Orientation iis scheduled for June 15th at 7:45 am for students. You will be notified by June 2nd as to your enrollment status. 

The dates for Summer School at El Modena are June 15th - July 21st.

Students that are attending El Modena in the fall can enroll in online health. Online health is a graduation requirement that all freshman take. We offer this during the summer for those that would like to take sports or are enrolled in elective classes in their freshman year. Students are required to complete 70% of the course of the prescribed work and pass an exam at the end in order for it to reflect on their transcripts. 

Health is  a required class for high school graduation.  However, students are not required to take it during summer school.  Students can opt to take it during the school year as an independent online class, meeting with a teacher as required for tests, additional help, etc.  They will be scheduled for one of the 4 quarters throughout the year in addition to their regular schedule.

  • This Summer program is optional!
  • Students can take health during the school year as an independent study class
  • Students will be dropped if not showing progress after two days

Summer is a great opportunity to complete this graduation requirement. Just click below and fill out the online registration form.

Classes will be held Monday- Friday, June 15th -July 21st through APEX enrollment.

Students will be required to check in with their teachers either online or through the Google classroom or in seat at El Modena, rooms TBD. 

Summer school is in seat or virtual via Google classroom

1st period 7:45 am-9:45 

2nd period 10-12 noon 

Session A June 15th- July 1st

Session B July 6th- July 21st

July 5th is a holiday

Please note: If your student has not logged in within the first two days, they will be dropped from the class.

If your student does not have a device, please contact the district office between 12:00 pm-3:00 pm daily.

Melanie Morita

Assistant Principal

El Modena High School